Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home sweet home

Here are some photos I took for fun over the break. I live out in the middle of nowhere.

This is a creepy abandoned house behind ours

After tramping around in the mud, my shoes will never be the same again.

My exploring buddies!
A few years back, I found an old overgrown, abandoned graveyard hidden behind my house

This place will give you the spooks!


ETHAN said...

nowhere has the coolest stuff. i'm jealous of your explorers.

JackieD said...

Man, you make it look so much cooler than it usually does! ^_^ I love the forest shots, so beautiful!

Blake Knight said...

im gonna need an update.

henry yu said...

wow these are great!

Jamie said...

Okay, that is just creepy. Even if it's beautiful shots. :)

Svalbard and Norway said...

wow, your blog is really beautiful. i love the photos you take too.